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The Data Recovery Leaders understands that data loss occurs at the most inopportune times. Almost everyone at one time experiences the immensely frustrating feeling of vital computer data loss. While we blame ourselves for losing important data, the fact is there is not much we can do about it. Virtually every one of our highly trained data recovery specialists has experienced data loss and the result is a team of customer-oriented professionals who provide empathy for your difficult situation. We can go on and on about our technical expertise, but what separates The Data Recovery Leaders from the rest of the pack involves providing personable customer service in a timely manner.

Our company employs highly educated and professionally trained experts to solve your data loss problems. After you bring your hard drive into one of our “Clean Rooms,” our team of experts quickly discovers the reason for the data loss and presents solutions for the data recovery. You receive a free estimate of the services required to get you back online. Even better, we offer emergency data recovery services that change your data lost into data found in as few as two days.

Our company embraces the following:

  • Free diagnosis
  • 98% success rate for recovering data
  • The “No Data, No Charge” guarantee
  • 30 years of experience
  • Prompt and courteous customer service
  • Our services consist of data recovery for a wide variety of drives that include RAID, SSD, HHD, and flash drives


The Data Recovery Leaders can help you retrieve data, whether you use your computer for work or personal reasons. We work with cutting edge equipment manufactured by the best brands in the industry. Our efficient diagnostic and data recovery systems allow us to reduce the time it takes to recover your data. While we want to work fast, we never sacrifice performing a high quality job just to shave an hour or two off the process. We also recruit professionals who know how to repair hard drives, so you never stress out when your hard drive becomes inoperable.

All of the fancy equipment may impress you, but you still have some concern about how we handle your delicate hard drive. We work on your hard drive in a Class 100 clean room facility, which means we protect your hard drive against airborne pollutants. Not only do we promote an impeccably sterile work environment, our data recovery team wears specialized suits that take sanitation to a higher level. Securing your hard drive and other computer components includes the implementation of a comprehensive 24-hour monitoring system. Moreover, we never introduce your hard drive and other computer parts with another customer’s information systems equipment by following a rigid plan of organization.

The Data Recovery Leaders does not recruit magicians to recover your data, but the work our highly skilled team of experts performs is simply magical.

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